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Smile From Amazon

Like most of the population, COVID-19 is always on our mind. Over the last two quarters, we increased the number of sent cards by 4,000, all of that with significantly less counting and sorting volunteers. Many of our partners have also been stretched thin. Our friends at Ronald McDonald House Charity, in New Zealand, had […]

By The Hour

We’ve set up a few different ways for people to be able to donate money to Cardz for Kidz! Since, unfortunately, it’s not free. Those donation options range from a page on our website, a Gofundme page, our Facebook page, companies who send checks and/or direct deposits, and a couple of other ways as well. As we’re continuing to grow, our overall costs will expand as a result. That ranges from purchasing portable entertainment systems so kids who are stuck in their hospital rooms not only get cards, but get movies and games as well, to shipping large packages across the globe.

As our costs are rise and we begin to ask for donations a more in the future, we just want to make sure to be 100% open and honest like we always are in these blog posts! There are some certified nonprofits who simply ask their supporters to donate money to their organization to support their mission. They don’t want their donors to do any type of manual support – they’d prefer to simply collect the funds. They don’t allow people to act and see the direct impact of their efforts. Ideally in the Cardz for Kidz! world things would be different.

As we grow, we’d like for people to do both – that’s after we grow up and can help our kids once they get out of the hospital. We’d love it to be like the Pledge Allegiance event where people make donations based on our production. Our kids and seniors are worth more.