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The True Definition

TOUGH.  Now be honest. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word tough???   Here are some of the responses that we received, just to warn you some are pretty “interesting”: Male Sales Professional: FORD Male Entrepreneur: Mike Ditka Male Digital Specialist: Strong Female Dietitian: Hard Female Office Manager: […]

Team Effort!!

Starting with the facts. Cardz for Kidz! provides cards for all distressed children. The first card delivery outside of a hospital was to the children in Newton, Connecticut. The connection to Sandy Hook was through another elementary school in Connecticut. Here are a couple images of their artwork: TRUE ARTISTS!!!    After hearing of the shooting we checked to […]

Every Card Counts!!!

One key distinction with Cardz for Kidz! is that we are TRULY concerned about the kids who can’t leave their rooms due to medical conditions. These conditions or procedures can range from being contagious TO being strapped to the bed due to testing. We make sure each hospital guarantees that the cards will be delivered to the patients’ rooms […]