Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still accepting and delivering cards during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, we are! Please continue to check our social sites for updates.

Do you accept handmade bookmarks?

Yes! We’re interested in bookmarks and the guidelines for those are the same as our cards: handmade, cardstock or laminated, positive message, signed with your first name and city, designed for kids and/or seniors, something they can cherish year round, no size requirements, etc.
Please view this blog for more background on bookmarks.

Where are the cards being sent?

Your wonderful cards are being sent to hospitals, foster homes, senior living homes, patients’ homes, and schools across the globe!

Are you able to sign off on volunteer hours?

We are can NOT sign off on volunteer hours for making cards. Please reach out if you are in the Chicagoland area and are interested in volunteering.

How else can I get involved?

There are 4 ways to get involved:

  1. Make cards
    1. Host a video conferencing event at work
    2. Host an event with family or friends
    3. Make cards on your own
  2. Donate (donations help cover)
    1. Postage costs
    2. Shipping supplies (boxes, labels, tape)
    3. Art supplies
    4. Portable gaming systems donations
  3. Prep cards for delivery (Chicagoland area only)
    1. Counting/reviewing card content
    2. Taking pictures of cards for social media pages
    3. Packaging cards for shipping
  4. Spread the word
    1. Tell everyone why you love volunteering with Cardz for Kidz!

Please visit for more details

Do you accept digital or store bought cards?

No. We only accept handmade cards.

Do we need to include envelopes with our cards?

No. We do not need envelopes, but if you have some you can send them, and we’ll share them with another nonprofit that needs them.

Are there any card design rules?
  1. Get as creative as you’d like! Some people like to create abstract pieces, trace, or even cut out pictures from magazines
  2. Uplifting Spirits is our main goal, so our Golden Rule is, please DO NOT say things like “Get well soon”, “Stay Strong”, “Hang in there”
  3. Card Stock is preferred over Construction Paper
  4. Please avoid fuzz balls and pipe cleaners
    1. They don’t stick to the cards
    2. Less likely to be sanitary

Are there any size requirements for the cards?

No, we accept cards and bookmarks of all sizes, but we ask that everyone keeps in mind that these need to be shipped around the world.

Should we make holiday cards?

Although holiday cards are great, we’d prefer if you don’t make holiday cards. The people that we serve have lasting conditions and your cards should be enjoyed year round and not just around the holidays.

Do you only need cards in English?
We need cards in many different languages! Below are the current languages needed with more requests coming in! For other languages besides English, please label the bag or attach a note with the language on the cards.
There has been an increased demand for cards in Spanish, Arabic, Somali, Italian and Romanian.
  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Arabic
  4. Somali
  5. Russian
  6. Romanian
  7. Vietnamese
  8. Korean
  9. Chinese – Mandarin
  10. French – Quebec & Haiti
  11. Portuguese – Portugal & Brazil
  12. Creole – Haiti & Florida
  13. Chinese – Cantonese – Hong Kong
  14. Samoan- Alaska
  15. Polish – Illinois
  16. Kinyarwandi – Michigan
  17. Italian – Massachusetts
  18. Marshallese
Where do I send the completed cards?

Cardz for Kidz, 516 N. Ogden #177, Chicago, IL 60642

Although we accept cards from around the world, we do not have global mailboxes at this time. Everyone must send their cards to the address above.

Where do I send pictures taken while making cards?
Email pictures, including video conference screenshots, to
You can also tag us on your social media posts using these hashtags:
Will I be notified when my cards are received?

Currently, the most efficient way for us to notify you is via social media. Be sure to include your Instagram and/or Twitter handle with your deliveries and we’ll have a thank you post to confirm receipt and share the card destinations!

Should I send my cards in individual plastic bags?

Please send your cards in a large, sealable zip lock bag to keep them safe during the shipping process. You can send all the cards in one large bag.

Still have a question?

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