Uplifting Spirits, One Card at a Time

It’s Easy to Make OR Receive Cards!

Here are some background files to help you launch your first event! This includes helpful background information, a slideshow that can be played during the event, recommended art supplies, and reminders for the tables.

How to Make Cards

Participation has ranged from LARGE corporations' community involvement projects to groups of people making a couple of cards on their own.

Group's Hosting Events

  • Set up a time and/or location for attendees to make cards
  • Provide enough art supplies for participants to make at least 2 cards
  • Post signs to remind people not to write 'Get Well Soon'
  • Take pictures throughout the event and a group photo of your artists
  • Then email us your logo and desired landing page and we'll add you to our Participants Page!

Independent Parties

  • Feel free to take pictures of you and your cards
  • Even with all the large corporations participating, independent artists are our top contributors!
Please send us your completed cards: Cardz for Kidz!, 323 East Wacker Drive #11, Chicago, IL, 60601
Please remember to sign your first name and city (i.e. From, your Pal, Angie in Ann Arbor!)
To keep them safe, please ship your completed cards in a plastic zip lock bag
Contact us at info@cardzforkidz.org with any questions or send pictures from events to makecardzforkidz@gmail.com

How To Receive Cards

It's a Quick and Easy Process
  • Tell us the number of cards you'd like each quarter
  • Tell us what languages we should send
  • Guarantee all the cards will be delivered room to room
  • Send your request to info@cardzforkidz.org