Means Something

Thinking of some of the children’s hospitals or shelters here in the United States you’ll see that a lot of them get some HUGE donations. For example, Lurie Children’s Hospital, where Cardz for Kidz! first started, was named after Ann Lurie who donated $100MM. Also, recently read  about a family who donated $200MM to a children’s hospitals!!! Now our donations may not be as “valuable”, but we have donated more than quality cards!

Thinking of all the different types and sizes of donations, one would think a little folded piece of construction paper with some glitter glue is nothing!

If so, please take a look at this picture from a recent Cardz WITH Kidz event and try to convince us your artwork is “nothing.”

Based on that smile, it’s clear your work MEANS SOMETHING.

#MeansSomething #UpliftingSpirits

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